One ticket = One tree

At KLM we are pioneers in implementing measures that reduce the environmental impact. We have a responsible social policy with the environment that contributes to the recovery and sustainable development of the territories where our planes take off and land. Therefore, KLM Spain launched between January 25 and February 25 2018 and then during the month of June, a campaign to contribute to the recovery of the forest mass of the Iberian Peninsula, in line with its policy of support with the development of the territories where it operates, and after the numerous natural disasters that have plagued Spain and Portugal in recent years. • The action "One ticket = One tree" was linked to sales on the website during a 2-month period in 2018. KLM donated a number of trees equivalent to the number of tickets sold on the website. Given the good reception of this action, the campaign was relaunched at the end of 2018 during a third period of tree donation. Under all these campaigns, KLM contributes with 22,000 trees in various reforestation projects, to recover degraded ecosystems throughout the national geography. The completion of all projects will take place in the Fall of 2019. • The various projects financed by KLM have the collaboration of Reforesta in the Regional Park of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares and Reforestaction and have been carried out in the following areas: Madrid-Pinar de la Barranca / Río Cofio, Barcelona-El Bruc , Valencia-Valle de Elbo, Navarra-Ochagavia / Artieda and in Palencia-San Hervás de la Vega. KLM integrates the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy into business and operations, divided into four pillars: environment, customer experience, employee involvement and local development. For KLM, the main objective at the environmental level is to reduce the footprint by improving our operations. Throughout 2019 we will continue to plant trees to reforest different lands of the Iberian Peninsula punished by natural disasters. You can contribute to the recovery of the great beauty of our country's ecosystem by simply buying a plane ticket.