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The city's long and distinguished history is reflected in its divers architecture. Go for a walk and see it for yourself.


This coastal city famous for its orange roofs that contrast beautifully with the azure sea. Is this your next destination?


Medieval Verona was so beautiful, it inspired William Shakespeare to set two of his best plays here!


Popular amongst honeymooners, but let that not scare you away if you're feeling less romantic and more adventurous. Route opening on: 31 October 2021


A balanced mix between nature, culture and entertainment makes Cancun a versatile destination everyone will love. Route opening on: 31 October 2021


This cosmopolitan port in East Africa with its beautiful beaches, stunning nature is truly enchanting. Route opening on: 31 October 2021

Trinidad & Tobago

Don't miss out on the beautiful sights of light pink sandy beaches and the golden sunsets. Route opening on: 31 October 2021